Apple & Honey Tart

Written by chanie on September 9th, 2012

You’ll never believe how easy this beautiful tart is to make. It only requires 4 ingredients, and the dough isn’t even homemade!  The secret to this scrumptious dessert is puff pastry. I’m a huge fan of puff pastry because as most of you already know, I don’t like to bake, and it comes already prepared in the freezer section of every supermarket. I’ve been known to sneak puff pastry into just about any recipe that calls for a dough, even rugelach and hamantaschen!

Truth be told, I can’t take all the credit for this simple, elegant and delicious dessert. Last year, my wonderful sister-in-laws decided to treat me out to a fun evening at the Kosher Culinary Institute for my birthday. It was a special “date night” class, so my husband joined me in preparing a gourmet meal together with a few other couples. We really enjoyed the evening and I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember exactly what was on the menu. What I do remember is making spaetzle from scratch, whipping up cherry clafoutis for dessert, and what was a mere afterthought of the chef – a version of this apple tart.

For other sweet puff pastry ideas, check out Dina’s apple turnovers or my sweet potato bourekas on kosherstreet.



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  1. Beautiful dessert!! Looks easy enough that even I could do it!

  2. Ellie says:

    Yumm! So smart! And nice pics :)

  3. Nancy Goldberg Levine says:

    This looks delicious. I might try to make mini tarts with Athenos puff pastry shells.

  4. Fashion-isha says:

    This looks easy and amazing! Chag Sameach and have a Shana tova!

  5. So simple and so stunning!!! I love anything drizzled in honey.

  6. jessica says:

    your tart is beautiful! and i love the honey drizzler.

  7. Victoria says:

    This looks so good!! I also love puff pastry – it’s amazing the versatility of it and how many recipes you can create using it! Can’t wait to try this one out!

  8. Your pics are so pretty and I love how easy you make this dessert look. It’s perfect for apple picking season.

  9. Devorah says:

    Do you think the lemon juice can be omitted? (I assume it is to prevent the apples from browning?) I want to make this for dessert on Rosh Hashana but we don’t use lemon juice.

  10. Arna says:

    This looks beautiful

    Do you ‘dock” the pastry prior to putting on the apples?

  11. Sarah Blumenfeld says:

    Does this freeze well if I want to make it in advance? What do you mean by docking the pastry dough?

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