Quick & Easy Chocolate Rugelach

Written by chanie on February 23rd, 2011

My friend Dina and I have been friends since childhood. Growing up, we lived around the corner from each other, and after getting married and moving, we still do! We’re always swapping recipes and oohing and ahhing over the fabulous food we see on the food channel. Between the two of us, I am more of the cook and Dina is more of the baker. Whenever I see a great cake recipe, I send it her way, hoping that she’ll make it so that I can get a taste (she usually sends over a piece!). On a lucky day, she’ll invite me around the corner for a hot cinnamon bun and some coffee. One such day, Dina brought out these delicious rugelach. I thought they must be a patchke to make since they looked so good and tasted even better. But they are super easy and require only 3 ingredients! I have made them more than once when having company over at the last minute. They are totally floored when, without advanced notice, I manage to put out piping hot chococolatey flaky goodness!

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  1. Laura says:

    What a fantastic idea. They also sell pareve chocolate shmear which is used for babkas, which would also be good as a filling.

    • chanie says:

      Where do they sell the chocolate filling for bakbkas?

      • Laura says:

        My kosher butcher sell it, but the brand love’n’bake (American Almond Products) is sold pretty widely. I would be shocked if you couldn’t find it Brooklyn. You can buy it from King Arthur’s online also. There is also another brand, but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. And then there is liquid marble, which also is good for baking and is more or less the same thing.

  2. I love how easy this recipe looks. This looks like a wonderful recipe which my kids could make too. I bet it would be great with Nutella (for a dairy version).

  3. rochie says:

    i tried this and got rave reviews….

  4. Loren says:

    Making this, with my kids, just before Shabbat this tonight. They spotted this while I was browsing through your recipes and they said they just HAD to make these!

    • chanie says:

      Enjoy them! They are best right out of the oven! But you can store the leftovers in an airtight container for Shabbos morning :)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Such a great idea! Could these be made in advance and frozen?

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