Melon Carpaccio

Written by chanie on August 4th, 2013

The term carpaccio is usually used to refer to thinly sliced cuts of meat or fish that are served as an appetizer. In recent years, however, chef’s have reinvented the idea of carpaccio, preparing  dishes of thinly sliced veggies or fruit, like zucchini and melon, carpaccio-style. The trick to making a carpaccio is to keep the ingredients thin and uniform by shaving them down with a mandolin or vegetable peeler. Ever since slicing my palm on a mandolin last year, I have a hard time using it without cringing, so peelers are a welcome substitute in this case!

When working with melon, you don’t want your fruit to be too ripe, otherwise the thin shavings won’t hold up after plating. They’ll let out too much juice and turn to mush. Use just-ripened fruit that’s cold (warm melon will be harder to peel) and shave it over a bowl to catch the juices. If using a mandolin or peeler doesn’t work for you, you can also slice it thinly with a knife.

What I love most about this melon appetizer, is the combination of sweet melon with spicy jalapeno and tart lime.  It celebrates the best of summer produce –  melon, tomatoes & basil – at their prime. This unconventional melon salad is not only a party on your palate, it looks beautiful on your plate too.


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  1. This looks so pretty! I love this combination of flavors, definitely need to try this.

  2. Jamie Geller says:

    such a beautifully elegant and simple idea I love using my peeler to make veggie ribbons, but never thought to do it with melon — thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hindy says:

    This dish looks so beautiful! I love the addition of the jalapeno to this sweet fruit salad.

  4. So inventive — and I know the feeling about the mandolin, except my incident was an apple corer.

  5. This recipe is much fun! This is a great salad for a BBQ!

  6. What a beautiful, refreshing summer appetizer. Love the colors and creativity of this dish

  7. I love the idea – it is an elegant solution to a melon salad.

  8. Love these flavors and it is a great idea. Too bad I just used up my melon.

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