S’mores Cookies

Written by chanie on July 15th, 2013

It’s funny to see just how crazy people are about cookies. Me included. Recently, I posted a review of my day at Governor’s Island. I mentioned, in passing, what we brought along for our picnic, s’mores cookies included. I was so excited to receive lots of feedback on my post – but it was all in the form of a recipe request. “Did you say s’mores cookies?” Why, yes I did. “Can I have the recipe?” Well, of course.

So, here I am sharing my accidental recipe for s’mores cookies.

When it comes to cookie making, I’m always in sort of a dilemma. And I’m going to be frank here. So please don’t run away after you read my serious foodie confession, ok?

I don’t like butter.

There, I said it.

I don’t like butter.

Now before you close the screen and punish me for my culinary blasphemy, let me explain. It’s not so much that I don’t like it. It’s just that it doesn’t sit well with me. Anything too creamy or buttery just makes me feel sick.

And there’s something else too, which makes baking entirely difficult.

I HATE margarine.

If you’ve read up on it, you probably know just how bad margarine is for you. In fact, it’s just ONE molecule away from plastic! When I was in culinary school recently, we only had a meat kitchen (it’s a kosher school and under kosher dietary guidelines, milk and meat are not eaten or prepared together), so whenever a recipe called for butter, we used margarine instead. I had a habit of teasing my instructor about all the “plastic sauces” we were preparing.

So, back to cookies. When you can’t use butter or margarine, cookie-making becomes quite a difficult task. It’s hard to get that perfect crumb when using oil, but I try anyway. In this case, I succeeded. Filled with chocolate chunks, marshmallows and graham cracker pieces in every bite, these smores cookies have become a family favorite. And you know what the best part is? They’re not made of plastic.

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  1. jessica says:

    approximately how big should the dough balls be? 1tbsp? looks amazing definatly trying this recipe out tomorrow night!

  2. Yum! I adore anything s’more. I absolutely agree with you about regular margarine, it has no place in my kitchen that’s for sure! There are natural margarines that work well for baking, however, and that is what I use, but it is nice to see a cookie recipe that doesn’t need them!

  3. sara says:

    I’m with you on the margarine. It’s great to have a cookie recipe without it, thanks.

  4. Miri down under says:

    Yum! can’t wait to try it with my kids.
    i sub with 7/8ths cup oil and it works for almost everything but lace and rope cookies- and there are no kosher alternatives here :(.
    Would tea biscuits work alright? Graham are $7 here and come stale!

  5. Aliza says:

    Do you think it would be okay to substitute the chocolate bar with just regular chocolate chips?

  6. raizy says:

    will using a chocolate bar instead of choc chips make a very big difference?

  7. esther says:

    Help! Just tried making these followed the recipe exactly and the dough was too crumbly to form any sort of ball. Is this normal? Can I add something to the batter to make them stick together better? Thanks!

  8. Rachel says:

    Are these very crumby. My daughter and I are gluten-free and I would love to try these out. I already have GF graham crackers and a reliable GF all purpose mix. Can you recommend any adjustements so they don’t come out all sandy? TIA

  9. Hindy says:

    These look delicious!

  10. Ronnie Fein says:

    Always thought margarine was awful but had to use it when there were fewer other options. I use canola oil a lot but also coconut oil. Have to say I LOVE butter. I remember my mom eating it by the chunkful. LOL. Cookies look really sweet and tasty.

  11. I love that little chunk of chocolate sticking out.

  12. These cookies are a stroke of genius. What kind of bar chocolate did you use? Looks great.

  13. These look delicious and so perfect for the summertime!

  14. Ok I get that you don’t like margarine, buuuuuuut butter?! I loooove butter.

    I use palm shortening in parve cookies and they come out perfect, it’s worth trying.

    I love the flavors in this cookie! I wouldn’t mind one right now.

  15. I use trans fat free margarine because over 60% of my kitchen is meat or pareve (we are not huge dairy eaters in my house!) Is there something healthier than trans-fat free margarine? I can totally understand the dislike – if I could get the same result AND have it be pareve I’d switch to something else as well!

  16. Love the pics and the cookies, am a huge s’mores lover. Thanks for sharing.

  17. canola oil cookies? i will have to try this; we also hate baking with margarine!

  18. these would be a hit in my family! yum!

  19. Elissa Epstein says:

    Can you define “two graham crackers?” As in 2 whole ones (each one has two smaller ones) or one whole one? Or to make it easier, is one a rectangle or a square?

  20. Amazing to be able to achieve a nice cookie texture using oil. We should make these for our kids they will love them

  21. Sharon says:

    Square or rectangle graham crackers please?

  22. nechama Saks says:

    I wanted to thank you for this YUMMY recipe. My kids adore them I always double the recipe and its still not enough!I am always looking for NO MARGERINE cookies because like you I hate using it! Thanks again!

  23. I made these last night and my family went CRAZY for them! They are so good! I was unsure about how the oil would work, since I’m definitely a butter person, but I was pleasantly surprised! Nobody could tell the difference :)

  24. Alyse says:

    do these freeze well?

  25. Dessert girl says:

    Do you think this cookie recipe would work as a pie or baked in a Pyrex dish to slice and serve hot with ice cream on shabbos day?

  26. Racheli says:

    These are heaven! Annoying to distribute the toppings so might just make balls and then smash them in next time…

  27. Chaya says:

    “2 graham crackers” — is this 2 long rectangles, or 2 squares (that make up 1 rectangle)?

  28. CLAIRE says:

    These cookies were really delicious. I was hoping the marshmallows would be more intact after baking them but they melted into the cookie. Either way they were delicious!

  29. do these cookies freeze well?

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