Pecan Pie Lace Cookies with Raspberry Filling

Written by chanie on November 18th, 2013

This is like the Chanukah cookie that wasn’t. Well, almost. You know that little thing called sleep? Those precious hours of rest that we all take for granted, until we haven’t had any? Well, I’m more than a little sleep deprived lately, and while I try to be organized about my blogging calendar, I all but forgot about today’s Thanksgivukkah linkup. I had  planned to post these pumpkin ricotta pancakes/cheese latkes but you know what happens to plans when you’re a walking zombie. I did post them alright. Just a wee bit too early.

Sure, I could have skipped out on the linkup fun altogether, but the truth is, I was kind of excited about challenging myself to another Thanksgivukkah mashup recipe. And there’s something else too. I’ve got to come clean with y’all.  Me, the serial non-baker. The one that swore off dough’s and pastries of any kind — has got the baking itch.

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been baking. A lot. Cakes, bars, muffins and cookies. And I’m even kind of enjoying it. So when I realized I needed to come up with another Chanukah/Thanksgiving recipe, I went straight for my favorite of all baked goods – cookies!

I’ve been making lace cookies for years. so when I thought about what kind of cookie to make, I decided to adapt my classic lace cookie recipe to include pecans as a riff on pecan pie. Then, instead of filling the cookies with chocolate, I used raspberry jam, ala Chanukah jelly donuts, and finally, instead of a the traditional chocolate drizzle over the top, I decorated the florentines with Chanukah symbols. What I didn’t realize is just how amazing everything would come together. Raspberry jam, chocolate and lacy pecan cookies are like a match made in heaven!

I hope y’all enjoy my last minute Thanksgivukkah recipe. Be sure to check out all the other great mashup recipes in the Kosher Connection linkup below!

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  1. lace cookies are my favorite, and yours look awesome.
    I’ve attempted it once, and it was an utter failure…going to try your recipe next time

  2. Eve says:

    Now that’s a winning combination!

  3. I remember those sleep deprived days, well behind me now!

    Wow, I am impressed that you are baking, maybe I could start as well since I always leave the baking to my sister. I also think I could try making these cookies, I have better results with sweets that don’t need to rise and when there is no flour involved. Great and beautiful recipe!

  4. Chaya says:

    I am afraid to make lace cookies. I am totally impressed with these and I adore those symbols on the cookies. How festive.

  5. I want to take a bite out of the screen. These look incredible!

  6. I made these cookies – simple, quick and yummy…thanks for the recipe!!!!

  7. Chani says:

    I love lace cookies and these look delicious! Can I omit the pecans and jam for regular lace cookies?

  8. Ronnie Fein says:

    Florentines are my favorites! Have to use almonds (for allergy reasons) but this recipe looks so easy, have to try it.

  9. Hindy says:

    These are so pretty and fun! Must try soon!

  10. Sina says:

    These cookies look amazing. It’s funny, I’ve had them before at events but never knew their name and never stumbled upon a recipe. I’ll definitely come here if I ever make them, so simple and delicious.

  11. These look so good. I am so impressed you have time to bake right now!

  12. sarah Blumenfeld says:

    does this freeze well?

  13. You had me at cookie..and raspberry..and chocolate..delish!

  14. Sue Schwartz says:

    How many lace cookies (not the jam filled sandwich cookies) does this recipe make?

    Your sandwich cookies are beautiful and I can imagine very tasty.

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