Cauliflower Nachos with Harissa Cheddar Sauce

Written by chanie on January 20th, 2014

I’m not even going to pretend to know anything about football. Sports is not exactly one of my hobbies. I do know, however, that Superbowl parties require party food – and that, my dear friends, is most certainly one of my hobbies. When it comes to finger food, I’m the party queen – and I’ve got lots of yummy ideas up my blogger sleeve!

We’ll start with my spicy roasted edamame or my roasted chickpeas, they’re perfect for nibbling and won’t pile on the pounds. My smoked paprika popcorn cauliflower is another favorite and if you must have your wings, my spicy ginger chicken wings are a sure crowd pleaser!

If you’re craving dip, try my chestnut hummus with baked pita chips, crispy baby artichokes with balsamic aioli, salami chips with dijon dipping sauce or good old pretzels with my raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip,

Now if you’re looking for something a little bit more, well, cheesy, have I got some ideas for you! It’s a good thing I teamed up with Natural & Kosher Cheese, purveyors of artisanal kosher cheese products, because I sure love my dairy!  Here are some hearty game day recipes that’ll keep you going throughout the show!

} Natural & Kosher shredded cheddar adds cheesy goodness to my chili pie in jars,
} Natural & Kosher shredded mozzarella turns my malawach cheese pastries with zaatar, into a pizza-lovers dream.
} Natural & Kosher’s camembert or brie work wonders in my puff pastry brie bites with dried fruit & jam.
} Natural & Kosher’s aged parmesan can’t be missed in my zucchini parmesan chips,
} Natural & Kosher’s goat cheese makes the perfect garnish to my spinach & cheddar pesto crostini.

Of course, if you’re looking for something cheesy that’s still good for you – you’ve come to the right place. Yes, I know I might sound like a walking oxymoron but that’s just what I do. In my kitchen, healthy & nachos are not a contradiction as creamy cheddar sauce drips down a healthy dose of roasted veggies.

My Middle Eastern take on Mexican nachos will please even the purist of nacho fans. The harissa and cheddar make a perfect pair, creating a harmonious symphony of flavor, when drizzled over roasted cauliflower chips, marinated artichoke hearts, olives & roasted peppers. Note to yourselves: you may want to double the recipe!

I’m a huge fan of the cabbage family. And I don’t mean those sweet little dolls that we used to get for birthday gifts. I mean all those crunchy veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage and savoy, among others. But it’s cauliflower and broccoli that really make me want to melt…some cheese. There’s just something about sharp creamy cheddar over the tender veggies that makes them so delectable! So, without further ado, I give you my harissa cheddar cheese sauce ! Drizzle it over nachos, use it for fondue or mix it into mac ‘n cheese – you can thank me later!

Look for the Natural & Kosher logo wherever fine kosher cheeses are sold.

Stay tuned for more exciting cheesy recipes, coming soon!

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Say Cheese! :-D

This post was sponsored by Natural & Kosher Cheese.

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  1. Naomi says:

    Those look amazing! I never would have thought to use cauliflower instead of chips! Brilliant!

  2. I love the addition of harissa to the cheese! Very clever.

  3. What a fun idea to use cauliflower instead of chips!!! I love this.

  4. Amazing! Also, you know how I feel about cheese sauce—-yes please!

  5. Zareena says:

    Looks amaaaaaaze! Cannot wait to try.

  6. those nachos are mouthwatering..I love cauliflower….and I love nachos…what an awesome idea!!

  7. These are beyond gorgeous and cauliflower = healthy, right??

  8. RD says:

    How do you check your cauliflower?

    • chanie says:

      I cut it into florets and soak in water with kosher salt. I remove the cauliflower from the water and bring the water over to a bright light and check it for bugs. If I find anything, I repeat the process until the water is clean (I’ve never had to check it more than twice. Broccoli, however, I find to be infested).

  9. Hindy says:

    I love how you use the cauliflower in place of the chips. I am definitely making that cheese sauce! Amazing!

  10. these look great! what a great idea! i love harissa

  11. Cool idea! That cheese sauce looks awesome and I Love the addition of artichokes.

  12. I love cauliflower and this sounds amazing! Between this recipe and the gluten free nosh’s cauliflower buffalo wings I could be very happy with an all cauliflower superbowl party!

  13. This is definitely a party food, thanks for the nacho cheese recipe! Definitely a keeper.

  14. Love how you used the cauliflower instead of chips. This looks so delicious!

  15. Liza says:

    Did this with Food Snob Harissa and it was excellent!!!

  16. Hi Liza

    Thank you for using our product.
    Check out our website for more recipe ideas using Harissa

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