BIB Fast Food: Chicken Lollipops

Written by chanie on August 16th, 2012


Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat chicken? Well let me tell you a little secret guys. It’s all in the name. If I call chicken, well, chicken, my kids won’t eat it either. But when I serve them up chicken legs and call them lollipops? They gobble them down to the bone! I’m not kidding. Go ahead and give it a try!

Now you might be wondering why I would bother baking the chicken in the skin if my kids won’t go near that stuff. It’s because it keeps the chicken *super* moist (and because the adults can always eat it for them! :). Use you favorite bottled barbecue sauce, or for a sugar free alternative, just sprinkle with your favorite spices and drizzle with olive oil. I like World Harbors Australian Style Bar-B Marinade (purchase here) or Hunts honey hickory (purchase here).


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  1. chavie cohen says:

    do you bake covered or uncovered?

    • chanie says:

      Uncovered. Thanks for pointing out that I left out that crucial bit of information, I’ll revise the post accordingly!

  2. Tamar Genger says:

    This used to work for my kids and still might for my younger ones, but my 8 year won’t touch it. Oh well, 2 out of 3 aint bad, thanks for reminding me to call it a lollipop.

  3. Hindy says:

    One of my kids is decided to go vegetarian a few months ago and seems to be sticking to it. The other will not have anything to do with chicken. I used to love drumsticks as a kid.

  4. Ronnie Fein says:

    I agree completely about names. Even grownups sometimes have to hear it right or they won’t eat something! And I also agree about the skin. My kids didn’t and now my grandchildren won’t eat the crispy skin (but I am grateful because I know how delicious it is and I get to eat it!), but it protects the meat and keeps it juicy. These look delicious.

  5. Cute idea! I wonder if it’ll work on my 3 yr old!

  6. So true, it is all in the packaging with kids. This looks like a tasty quick meal.

  7. Awesome! An easy, tasty and impressive chicken

  8. This recipe looks amazing and is super easy! Love easy recipes!

  9. Love that its quick and easy..will try this one night for supper!

  10. The color on these makes me want to eat them – and I don’t like dark meat!

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