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Hi, I’m Chanie and I’m a SAHM with four beautiful kids and a hardworking husband. I love to cook, eat and entertain! In my free time, I crochet, play around with photoshop, and surf Etsy for some good vintage finds! I also enjoy creative writing and scrapbooking.


I started Busy in Brooklyn as an outlet for my creative energy. I have always enjoyed entertaining, but my cooking skills have evolved over time. I read a lot of cookbooks and watched many cooking shows on the Food Network to hone my skills in the kitchen. I have a degree in web design and I’ve done some freelance writing as well as photo editing, so a blog about cooking and crafting just made sense to me. The name Busy in Brooklyn was my husband’s brilliant idea, and his expertise in internet marketing really helped me create an online presence for Busy in Brooklyn.


Recipes that do not state a source (most of the recipes on BIB) are my own creation unless otherwise noted. If a recipe says it is “adapted” from another source, it usually means that at least one ingredient has been added or removed, or that I have changed the amounts in the recipe.

I encourage you to comment on my blog posts and let me know if you tried a recipe and how it turned out. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email and I’d be happy to respond in a timely manner.


I love all sorts of crafting including knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, DIY projects and others. I learned to knit from a very talented woman who was able to knit wedding dresses from scratch. In exchange for the lessons, I taught her how to read Hebrew. I never went on to knit anything more than scarves and headbands because I found it to be too complicated, as well as hard on my hands. I really wanted to learn to crochet so I taught myself by watching videos on YouTube. I find crocheting to be relaxing, fun and most importantly, extremely easy. All of the crochet projects I post are very simple and only a basic knowledge of crocheting is needed.


I photograph my recipes and crafts with the Canon T2i and either my 18-200mm or 50mm/f1.4 lens. My photography is a work in progress and I am slowly learning how to improve my photography skills!


BIB uses the This Just In! theme for WordPress, by John Crenshaw. This theme was designed for photography but I like it because I can easily post small pictures of my step-by-step process.


You can contact or follow Busy in Brooklyn via:

EMAIL: busyinbrooklyn@gmail.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/busyinbrooklyn
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BusyinBrooklyn
pinterest: http://pinterest.com/busyinbrooklyn/
instagram: http://instagram.com/busyinbrooklyn.com

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  1. sara says:

    I am loving your blog. All of my interests are covered. I am too a SAHM who loves to cook and throw parties (not to mention, a avid knitter and very familiar with Etsy) I have used a few of your recipes with rave reviews. If you could put on your blog some tips for using photoshop to the fullest, I would really appreciate it. The one area I am behind in is developing and displaying all my photos.
    Thanks and looking forward to your next post.

  2. Dalya Cohen says:

    Chanie, this is so cool!!!
    I just love your ideas:)
    kol hakavod to you:)
    keep it up!!

  3. Miri Lipskier says:

    Hi Chanie! I’m absolutely loving it! Youre a woman of many talents and its amazing that you go ahead and share your tips and ideas. Its a beautiful blog and a really fun experience to explore it! I hope to actually get my act together to try some things sometime, but it was fun to visit even for the atmosphere of BIB (if you could say that about a blog…:)Keep it coming! -Busy in Melbourne

  4. Brittany Hall says:

    I stumbled onto your blog from another site and I am so glad I did. It is a wonderful blog and I look forward to your future post.

  5. Rivkah Siegel says:

    I love your blog and discovered it when Elka Pinson put up a post for voting for your favorite kosher cooking blog. I appreciate all the pictures with the recipes as it makes it easy to follow. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Hi- I love your blog- would love to link up with you! Marlene M.

  7. esta says:

    Your recipes and ideas are great.
    Would you mind telling me where you got those adorable matching aprons for you and your daughter? thanks

    • chanie says:

      Thanks Esta! I actually bought them in a market in Australia, but I’m sure if you search the web (try Etsy) you can find something similar.

  8. doreen says:

    I love your website, i just made the puff pastry rugulach. Can i freeze these?

    • chanie says:

      Thanks Doreen! You can definitely freeze them, but as with all puff pastry, it’s best to freeze them raw (rolled with the chocolate) rather than baked. If you freeze them baked, make sure they are tightly wrapped. When you take them out of the freezer, thaw with the wrapper and bake for a few minutes to crisp up.

  9. Leah Lipszyc says:

    Hi Chanie! I was looking for sites for my daughter and came across this. Wish I had known about it before. Hatzlocho rabbo! Wishing you an easy, meaningful, kosher’n freilichen Pesach! Love, Leah

  10. Esti M. says:

    Hi Chanie,

    WOW! Your website is amazing! I was just introduced to it and there is so much to see and admire, and so much to learn. You are so talented and you have awesome ideas.

    Have a Kosher and freilichen Pesach.

  11. Leah says:

    Can I get the contact info of the person who made your site

  12. Fairfax Avenue says:

    Erev Shabbos, 5:00 PM – Thanks for the Challah Kugel recipe. Just a short note to say I’ll be back – I also crochet and cook!

  13. Sabrina Oziel says:

    Hey Chanie, I can’t believe that I only just discovered your blog! I’m a working mom but in my spare time I love to cook. Can’t wait to try out some of your yummy recipes…keep you posted

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