Sushi Salad

Written by chanie on February 10th, 2011

This is one of those recipes that is super easy, delicious, and gets finished to the last drop every time I make it. I serve it often for Shabbos lunch and my guests absolutely love it. You can prepare the rice before Shabbos, put it in a Ziploc bag, and take it out two hours before plating.

I really dislike the taste of mock-crab. I find it spongy. If you like it, definitely go ahead and add it to the salad. You can also flake some cooked salmon on top. If you’re brave, and go for raw fish, go ahead and add that. Lox is also a good idea. I once chopped up some baked fish sticks and sprinkled it on top for an added crunch (think tempura crumbs on sushi). Or, serve alongside fried flounder.

Check out my other version of sushi salad here.

Believe it or not, a couple of years ago, I actually made these for Shalach Manos. I prepared everything ahead of time. Something like 10 cups of sushi rice. Bags and bags of diced cucumbers. And of course, the heaven-sent store-bought shredded carrots. I didn’t use avocado because of the browning. I bought these great black square plates (and some other asian-inspired ones) and started plating. It took hours. Maybe if I wasn’t such a perfectionist, things would have went a bit faster. It was crazy. I would never do it again. I sent chopsticks and my wasabi-soy dressing. I printed out the recipe and called it “SHUSHAN SHUSHI SALAD” (now try saying that five times in a row!). The end product was so cute and a great mishloach manos, but unless you only plan on making a few, I wouldn’t recommend it!

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  1. Savvima says:

    What a fabulous Mishloach Manos!! Can I be your friend, so you deliver that to my door??

  2. Laura says:

    Amazing idea for Mishloach Manot!

  3. Dini says:

    Nice, Does the wasabi sauce make it very strong taste?

  4. RL says:

    I love this salad! I’m probably the one who finishes it every time you make it :))))

  5. chaya says:

    LOVE THIS RECIPE!! super clear pictures, easy to follow and brilliant idea to do it for shaloch manos!!

  6. dassy says:

    love ur blog so thnx!… but quick question would u have any suggestions for an alternative to golds wasabi sauce- i dont think i can find it

  7. Judy says:

    can I use wakami instead of nori? should I soak it first or will it absorb the liquids in the sauce?

  8. Esther says:

    This looks delicious and fun to serve on special occasions. Have you ever tried making sushi rice in the microwave and/or know if it’s possible to do so properly?

  9. Daniella says:

    Does it have to be sushi rice or can I use regular white rice?

  10. Chava b says:

    Yum! How many does this serve (not as a main course)?

  11. miriam kahn says:

    How far in advance can you make sushi rice? ie how long can you leave it in the fridge for?

  12. Heidi says:

    Big fan of yours! Thanks for all. Question here: Can you use seasoned rice vinegar or should you use regular unseasoned rice vinegar? Thanks!.

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