Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip

Written by chanie on February 11th, 2013

If you’re still scrambling for shalach manos ideas, you’ve come to the right place! And not just because I’m gonna wow you with this unbelievably amazing pretzel dip that makes the perfect home-made gift. I’ve also got lots of other ideas for you, starting with this old post.

And then there’s this new giveaway post with tons of amazing shalach manos ideas in the comments! (If you haven’t already entered this giveaway, what are you waiting for? Have you seen the bowls I’m giving away?!)

And since I love you all so much, I’ve created a new category where you can find all of my Purim Posts in one place!

And that’s not all.

If after all that you’re STILL stuck in a rut, check out all the amazing home-made gift ideas for Purim in the Kosher Connection Link-Up below!

If my raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip had you at hello and you want to know how to package it up, well here’s what I did:

Print out adorable tags onto cute cardstock and tape them to the top of small canning jars filled with pretzel dip. Wrap some raffia around the lid andĀ secure with a bow. Then, fill a small cellophane bag with an assortment of pretzels and fold over the top. Print a label that says “Purim Pretzels” on one side and “from: family name” on the other. Fold it over the cellophane bag and staple on each side.

Voila. Purim Pretzel Perfection.

If you’re not up to making this pretzel dipĀ for your Purim package, you should still give it a try. The combination of the sweet raspberry jam and spicy brown mustard, topped off with some hot mustard seeds in each bite, make this the perfect condiment for turkey subs, chicken salad or wraps of any kind!

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  1. Hindy says:

    This dip looks amazing! I have had something similar that was store bought, but it’s not kosher certified anymore. I can make my own now!

  2. I love the packaging. I think I need to buy more ink for my printer so I can use this idea in my shalach manot :) I was going to give everyone plain mason jars filled with pepper jelly but printing tags on cardstock is too cute to pass up.

  3. yum! up next, homemade pretzels!

  4. Ronnie Fein says:

    Wonderful complimentary flavors, sweet and tangy. Love this for pretzels. Sounds like a good football watching snack for next Superbowl.

  5. malkie says:

    does this have to be refrigerated? I usually make my shalach manot in advance… huge ty

    • chanie says:

      I would refrigerate it after making it because the honey tends to thin out the dip. Once it gets a chance to thicken back up, you can pour it into canning jars and you don’t have to keep it refrigerated.

  6. What a delicious looking dip. My pretzels are obviously lacking without it!

  7. RochieO says:

    So different! Will have to try this one day…

  8. Eve says:

    Mustard and pretzels are a great combination. I grew up in Philadelphia, where we put spicy brown mustard on our soft pretzels. Yum.

  9. Prag says:

    who knew pretzels could be eaten with a dip?love the idea.The total package looks great.

  10. the packaging is delicious. what a fun and interesting way to enjoy pretzels!

  11. Yum, and gorgeous packaging! I need to make this for thanksgiving!

  12. Love the raspberry component to the honey mustard!

  13. Love the combos and the Purim ideas!

  14. This sounds delicious, but I especially love the way you decorated the jars. So professional looking!

  15. Rivka says:

    Yum!!! I’m so excited to make this!! I used to buy it at Marshalls but cant find it anymore!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  16. carebear says:

    I was wondering that myself? I live in Alaska & this is my time of the year that I am doing my jams, fish and deer meat but would love to jar up some of this recipe. Did it work for you?

  17. Laurie says:

    What is the shelf life if kept in frig?

  18. Heather Mckenzie Carter says:

    This is delicious! I made it tonight and it’s so yummy!

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