Kani Salad

Written by chanie on November 26th, 2012

This kani salad recipe (courtesy of my cousin Chana, a great hostess!) converted me into a mock-crab fan. It’s that good. If you go back to this post, you can read in my own words how much I used to dislike those orange colored surimi sticks. I’d always pick them out of California sushi rolls. But not anymore. Does the idea of eating mock-crab freak you out too? Well then do yourself a favor and make this salad. Trust me, you’ll never look back!

I’m not the only one who’s gaga over this recipe. I had my friend Dina and her family over during the holidays, and I served this among the appetizers. I hadn’t known, but apparently Dina and her husband have sampled kani salad at just about every kosher restaurant in (and out of) town. They were excited to see how this recipe would measure up to their favorite. Not only did it measure up, it exceeded their expectations by far. In fact, they no longer order it at restaurants, they make it at home instead!

There’s just something about the stringy texture and spicy dressing that makes you want to eat it all up with chopsticks. And chopsticks are fun. So, if you’re looking for a colorful, spicy and delicious dish, give this kani salad a try!

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  1. reina says:

    where have you been able to find sriracha? is that found in kosher stores?

  2. Dini says:

    Add a tsp of toasted sesame oil for amazing flavor. Keep up the great work Chanie. I’m a big fan.

  3. Never thought of topping kani salad with rice krispies! So fun! PS. Sriracha is my favorite hot sauce!!! I could live on that stuff :)

  4. those crab sticks definitely creep me out, but you make them sound so appealing!

  5. Yehoshua says:

    Yitzys has started destributing srirachi sauce In a plastic bottle with an easy pour yellow cap. Also sweet and sour, sweet chilli, and spring roll under the name china Mehadrin. For a list of stores call 718-219-8902.

  6. Love the sriracha and rice krispies! Looks delish would totally make this!

  7. Hindy says:

    I love the idea of adding rice krispies. Huge fan of kani salad. Will have to try this soon.

  8. Rice Krspies? That is so great, I got to try this, I love Mock Crab in many variations, so this sounds fun.

  9. My wife loves mock crab, I’m not a fan – perhaps this salad is the way to go!

  10. DIYAbroad says:

    Mmmmm, I made this today and it was soooo yummy.
    I can’t get kani salad where I am now so this recipe really made my day. Definitely a keeper!! Thank you!!

  11. Lisa says:

    I buy sirracha with hash gotcha at Walmart.

  12. Esther says:

    Whats an english cucumber?
    Can i use white sesame seeds ??

  13. Deena says:

    How many will this salad feed?

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