Grape Nut Coconut Crunch Cookies

Written by chanie on February 20th, 2014

As a kid growing up in a small community, my friends and I would make our rounds early Purim morning, skipping excitedly down Kingston Avenue, our bags overflowing with shalach manos. There was always someone who delivered a bottle of chocolate milk and a danish, or better yet, some milk and cookies. Taffy and candies weren’t my thing, but cookies? Cookies were special. I’d rip open the shiny cellophane and dig right in to the perfect Purim breakfast.

Cookies have always been one of my favorite things. I love them chewy, but also crunchy, and sweet but also salty. How is that possible? Well, if you try these Grape Nut coconut crunch cookies, you’ll understand. The coconut flakes add chewiness while the Grape Nuts complement with just the right amount of crunch. They bake up into these perfect little mounds that are oh-so-pretty and perfect for a milk and cookies breakfast come Purim morning. And if you’ve got some friends down the block, I’m sure they’d appreciate a batch wrapped in cellophane, with a cold bottle of milk.


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  1. esti says:

    if I don’t have coconut oil or flaked coconut what can I use instead

  2. These really are the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy plus salty and sweet!

  3. Grape Nuts bring back so many happy memories from childhood! I’d probably nix the coconut flakes but I’m in for EVERYTHING else!

  4. I’ll take some with a big glass of milk :)

  5. Chanie says:

    This is the first time I made cookies using coconut oil. Is the mixture supposed to be very lose. I used a cookie scoop to press the mixture into it. They are delicious!!!

  6. Chanie says:

    Forget my comment – I just saw that I was supposed to use packed brown sugar and I used regular brown sugar.

  7. These sound so intriguing, I love the added crunch and salty from the grape nuts.

  8. These sound so delicious! I love all the flavors and textures you described in my cookies too. And I love that these are lightened up, I bet you can’t even tell.

  9. gila says:

    Ive been making biscotti like these that I found on Same recipe, but they are formed and then double baked. So delicious!

  10. These must really taste amazing. I love all the ingredients in these cookies

  11. Cookies are wonderful, and these look particularly tasty!

  12. kne says:

    Chanie, I had to post and give you this positive feedback. I’m a jaded home baker who was bored of all my cookie recipes but didn’t have a lot of faith that there was a good new one out there. I tried this recipe on a whim and was pleasantly surprised! Definitely a keeper, and different from the others in my repertoire.

    One question: Do I have to use solidified coconut oil instead of margarine? I haven’t yet jumped on the anti-margarine bandwagon (at least when it comes to cookies and other unhealthy treats), and it was kind of a pain to scoop the very solid coconut oil out of the jar. Would margarine work equally well?

  13. Aviva says:

    Ok, so while I was making these and having a really hard time rolling the cookies into balls (I don’t have a cookie scoop), I was thinking “I don’t care how good these come out; I’m not making them again.” Well, I was totally wrong. They are SOOOO good, that I do plan to make them again. Often. The Grape Nuts addition is really genius and I’m always looking for a recipe that works with whole wheat flour and coconut oil. I found just 1/2 c of sugar to be enough. I’m wondering if an extra egg will help bind them. I may try that next time if I don’t buy a cookie scoop by then. Also, at the end, there was some cookie dough that just would not bind so I baked it as crumbs and sprinkled it on my yogurt like granola. YUM!

    • chanie says:

      Hi Aviva, I’m so glad you like the cookies! Honestly, I have not made them in a while (although I made several batches for my shalach manot on Purim), but from what I remember, you have to squeeze the dough together with your hands for it to hold together. I would not add another egg, because they don’t need that much more liquid, and that will probably make them less crispy. Maybe just add a bit more softened coconut oil, one tbsp at a time until your dough reaches your desired consistency. Don’t add too much – just enough to keep the dough from falling apart. Too much and your cookies will fall flat.

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