Fish Tacos with Broccoli Slaw

Fish Tacos with Broccoli Slaw

I’m not a huge fish person, so fish tacos are not something you’d normally find on my menu. Recently though, we’ve started cooking less meat in our house, and plain old chicken, even with endless preparations, gets kind of tired. My husband came home from work one day raving about the red snapper he’d had for lunch, so when I saw some fresh snapper at the fishmonger, I decided to surprise him with something fresh and different from our usual fare. I’ve been making it ever since, and not just with red snapper.

Fish tacos should be a light and filling dish, so I don’t like to fry my fish with a heavy bread crumb topping. Instead, I dust it with a light coating of flour, giving it the perfect golden crust that you just can’t get on it’s own. I wouldn’t even call this fried fish – it’s only lightly pan-fried in a little oil.

Ask any fish taco enthusiast and they will tell you that every fish taco needs 2 accompaniments – a sauce and a slaw. To make things easier, I combine the two. My creamy broccoli slaw is a great change from typical slaw recipes that use cabbage. It’s dressed with a delicious combo of sour cream, jalapeno and lime – the perfect complements to flaky fish.

To assemble your fish tacos, heat up some soft corn tortillas in a dry pan, lightly browning on both sides. Holding the tortilla in the palm of your hand, fill with slaw and top with flaked fish and avocado slices.

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  1. I would eat this. And enjoy it very much. My husband would pick out the fish then eat it. My youngerSon would pick out the fish, scrape off the coating then eat it. So to save time, I make the fish and plate it for the “boys”, then continue with assembling the tacos and make yummy noises while eating them. Everyone is happy and I get to enjoy the slaw over several days.

    1. You mean if you grate the slaw yourself? You can make the salad right away after grating. Let it marinate in the dressing for however long you have.

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