Brie Marsala Pizza

Written by chanie on February 27th, 2014

It’s a funny thing about brie. I’m really not a stinky cheese kind of person. I won’t go near bleu cheese with a ten food pole. Not even if you paid me. But brie, now that sort of moldy cheese, I like!

Brie is a soft cow’s milk cheese named after the French region from which it originated. It is pale in color with a slight grayish tinge under a rind of edible white mold. The thing about the mold is – it doesn’t taste moldy. And it definitely doesn’t stink.

Inside that rind, you’ll find the creamiest pale yellow cheese that is spectacular with jam, amazing in puff pastry, and unbelievable with wine.

Since wine pairs so wonderfully with the rich and fruity notes in brie, I decided to create a pizza with a classic Marsala sauce and Natural & Kosher Cheese’s wheel of soft ripened brie. It would work equally well with their camembert.

With sweet fruity marsala, fragrant rosemary and rich brie, this pizza is a mushroom lover’s dream! Thyme or wild mushrooms make another great option!

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  1. Claire says:

    This looks like a delicious combination! I LOVE brie and anything with mushrooms is all mine is this household. ;)

  2. This looks like my kind of pizza! I’m always looking for great flavor combos that don’t involve tomato sauce, and all these ingredients sound amazing together!

  3. Ronnie Fein says:

    I am going to make this next week. Looks so good. I might add dried figs to one spot just to see how that goes. Wonderful recipe.

  4. This looks so elegant! I much prefer gourmet pizzas like this to the standard tomato sauce kind.

  5. Jackie Patti says:

    I just finished the triple cream brie last night or I’d be making this NOW!

  6. Avigail says:

    My mouth is watering just from looking at this, mushrooms+ Brie+ Genius, can’t wait to try this.

  7. Hindy says:

    That pizza looks amazing! I need to make this now. All of those mushrooms! I want!

  8. I love the picture of the mushrooms with the rosemary – I want that as a print for my kitchen!

  9. Ruthie Blake says:

    I’m late to join this brie party, but I’m glad I am finally here. “Busy in Brooklyn” I’m going to be busy in LA making this delicious recipe. Can’t wait! Thank you!

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