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DIY Glitter Mustache Glasses

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

I’m just gaga for mustache crafts, I admit it! They’re just so. darn. cute. You might have seen my mustache straws or my crocheted coffee cup mustache cozy, other mustache crafts I adore.

Purim is the perfect time to celebrate with mustache mania. The holiday is all about dress up and diguises, so why not dress up your tablescape with these adorable mustache glasses? I love to use different shape glasses for visual impact, but feel free to do these on shot glasses or even disposable martini ones!

There are so many options and variations when it comes to a craft like this, so go with your style and dress these glasses up however you like! Colorful sharpies work (as a temporary option, they’ll wash off with soap and water), colorful glitter adds a fun touch or use the template to create photo props or mustache straws.

I have to give a shout out to the talented Abbey Wolin of Not2Shabbey. She gave me the brilliant idea of taping the template to the inside of the glass – how smart is that? No need to cut out the mustache or create a stencil, simply trace through the glass!

For more fun glitter projects, check out the gorgeous glitter wine bottle centerpieces we decorated at the JCreate Magazine Blogger Purim Party!

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DIY Candy Mosaic Chanukah Tray

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

While this blog has become mostly about food, I still try and put on my crafting apron every once in a while, especially around the holidays. When I was given the opportunity to develop a craft for the Joy of Kosher Mike ‘n Ike Campaign – I was all over it. But coming up with a craft using oblong shaped candy isn’t as easy as it looks.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried lighting a handful of menorah’s on a small plastic table with oily wicks and colorful candles scattered everywhere. It’s not pretty. Usually, we just wrap our table with aluminum foil for easy cleanup. But the truth is, I’ve always wanted a pretty tray to make the table look more festive. Making your own tray using a picture frame is pretty easy, and sprucing it up for Chanukah is all in the details.

To vamp up the Chanukah flair, I created dreidel handles by gluing two draidel to the sides of the frame (gimmel-side-up, of course!). Then, I turned to my bag of colorful (and tasty!) Mike & Ikes to create a custom candy mosaic under the glass. The candies had my kids squealing with excitement, as they watched the mosaic unfold into different shapes.

I spread double sided tape onto a paper that fit perfectly inside the frame matte. Then, I went to work “drawing” different shapes with candies. I tried creating a menorah, writing the word Chanukah in Hebrew, designing a dreidel and a Star of David. It takes some work maneuvering the candy around until it fits perfectly. One of the best parts about creating the candy mosaic, was noshing on the candy as I was doing it! I needed half of a Mike & Ike in some spots, and my kids were all too happy to “cut” the candy in half, with their teeth.

I love how versatile this tray is. You can make a big one for the whole family, or individual small ones for each menorah. And it doesn’t have to be just for Menorah lighting.  You can also use it to serve candy at your Chanukah party.

Imagine a collection of trays to adorn your Chanukah set-up. You can make individual ones as a school craft, or set one out at your party to collect Chanukah gelt for the kiddies!

Imagine a tray to display your collection of dreidels! Or one where the kids gather around to play (and bet!)

I encourage you to use your imagination in creating a fun candy mosaic. Draw Chanukah symbols, or abtract “art”.  It doesnt’ really matter – it’s candy, and no matter what you do with it, it will look awesome!

The most important thing is to have fun, no matter how you decorate! For detailed instructions to create this candy mosaic Chanukah tray, head on over to Joy of Kosher.

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Apple Napkins

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

This is just one of those crafts that has been on my mind since forever. OK maybe not forever. But ever since I saw this on Pinterest. Pinterest will do that to you. Just when you think you’re over the whole crafting thing, you’ll see a really awesome idea, and it will just pick at your brain until you do something about it. So I did. And my Rosh Hashanah table will thank me for it!

Fruits & veggies aren’t just for eating anymore. They make the prettiest natural stamps when brushed with some paint. The ends of endives and celery stalks are no longer trash as more & more people are turning to fruit and vegetable stamping as a hobby. Follow my instructions below for adorable Rosh Hashanah apple napkins (I also decorated an apron!), or find inspiration in your refrigerator to create naturally beautiful projects.

For other great holiday crafting ideas, check out the August issue of JCreate Magazine. You’ll find my crocheted apple trivet on page 26.

What you’ll need:

1 fresh apple
1 celery stick
melon baller or measuring spoon
linen napkins in white or cream
fabric paint in red and green (I used these from Target)

How to:

Slice your apple in half and using a melon baller or measuring spoon, remove the seeds and scrape the apple to define the shape. Using a small paintbrush, paint the apple with fabric-safe paint and press down firmly on the linen napkin (you may want to practice on some paper towel first). Repeat to create desired pattern, painting the apple in between each “stamp.” If leaves are desired, use a celery stick to create a leaf shape on top of the apples.

Set the napkins aside to dry overnight.

For your place setting, tie the napkins in raffia and fill with honey sticks and/or wooden honey dippers.

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Pretty Perfection – Headbands in a Pinch!

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

If you have girls, like I do, I’m sure you love to accessorize them with beautiful headbands and bows. It’s what we’ve all dreamed of since we were little kids, brushing our doll’s hair and dressing them up! Nowadays, all the heimishe stockings, clothing and variety stores are brimming with every color headband under the sun. They’re embellished with bows, chains, sequins, buttons, you name it – you’ll find it, ceiling to floor! Each headband is nicer than the next, but the price tags? not so much. Having two girls close in age, I’m always on the lookout for matching ones, which only furthers the pocket damage. So what’s a girl to do? Make them yourself! And I’m not talking about all the complicated ribbon-wrapping. I’m talking a simple, easy-as-pie, do-it-yourself kind of project.

With Pesach coming, I figured y’all might need help accessorizing your children’s Yom Tov outfits. And the budget cutting, especially during this holiday, doesn’t hurt either. So go ahead and get your glue gun ready!

ALTERNATIVELY, I will let you in on a big secret! Forever 21 has the cutest and prettiest headbands at a fraction of the cost of other stores ($3-$7 each!).

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Selective Color Photoshop Tutorial (CS4)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Now that I’ve already given away my age, it’s no shame in sharing that back in 2001, I completed the web design and web master program at the CCT (computer career training) institute, under Long Island University. Back then, web design was not what it is now, but it definitely gave me the foundation I needed for future jobs and hobbies. Just to give you an idea of where we were in 2001, I still remember our teacher, Ira, sharing with us the new up-and-coming search engine, Google. It promised to deliver much better results than the other popular engines. Nowadays, the term “googled” is part of the english dictionary and our every day vocabulary!

One of the many things we learned in the program was an introduction to Photoshop. I don’t remember what version of Photoshop we used at the time, but I can assure you, it has changed immensely. I, on the other hand, have not. Since the core functions in Photoshop are the same as they’ve always been, I tend to do things the old fashioned way. If there’s a tool I’m not familiar with, I just ask my husband, and he speeds his way through with every shortcut in the book.

Last year, I started a Facebook group called Photo Magician, in the hopes of doing some photo editing part-time. It never materialized. Recently, I was looking back at some of the stuff I’d posted there, because one of my blog followers, Sara Chana, had asked me to post some tips on how to use photoshop to enhance her pictures. I’ve definitely got some ideas, but for starters, I figured I’d start with something easy.

Selective coloring on an image makes it POP. You can draw attention to the focal point of the picture, allowing everything else to blur in the background. Here are some examples:


1. Start by coverting your picture to black and white.

2. Click OK for the default function. Feel free to play around with the options for a more customized finish.

3. Save the black and white image as a copy, and reopen the original colored image.

4. Copy the black and white image and paste it on top of the colored image. If you look in the layers pallette, you’ll see it above the colored image.

5. Making sure that the black and white layer is selected, select the eraser tool (adjust the size of your brush, if needed, and for a softer finish, set the hardness to about 75) and erase the area where you want the color to come through. Here, I erased the hat and scarf (which I knitted, btw!).

6. You are done, but if you’d like, you can play around with different tools at this point, to draw more contrast. Here, I selected the contrast option and set it to 25 to enhance the photograph a bit more.

Here is your before and after! Look how my daughters eyes POP in the altered photograph. I blew it up and have it hanging at the entrance to my house.

Use your creativity to find the right style picture that you want to enhance. In a bridal photo, you can make the bride black and white, and have her flower bouquet in color (this is typical). In a portrait, you might want to draw attention to blue eyes, or red lipstick. The ideas are endless, you are limited only by your imagination!

Of course if you need any help, tips, or have any questions, feel free to email me at :)

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Purim Busy Bees

Monday, February 28th, 2011

I like to look out for good deals on costumes during the post-Halloween season. I found these adorable bee costumes for my girls on, and I just had to buy them.

After having a baby recently, I realized I would need a matching bee costume for him too. But instead of spending the money on a bunting outfit that would probably be hot and uncomfortable, I decided to crochet a bee hat, and just dress him in all black. With Purim soon approaching, I ordered black and yellow yarn, and crocheted the hat a few days ago. I love how it turned out!

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The New Chic Ear Warmer

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

It was Whitney Port, from “The City” who popularized the updated Ear Warmer look in 2009. Anthropologie was the first to introduce the modernized version, in a knitted light-grey tone, called the “Roaring Rose Headwrap.” Now these bands are all the rage, available in stores and online, in every color and style. I’ve made a few in the last year, both knit and crochet. They are incredibly easy to make and warm too!

I like the monochromatic look with the headbands, but I did make my daughters a colorful one to go with one of their skirts. It really completed the outfit (see pictures below). Go ahead and experiment with different color flowers and embellishments.

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