Sweet Pea Risotto

Written by chanie on February 14th, 2012

Recently, I decided to come up with original recipes to use up the leftover baby food I had sitting in my pantry. I made these delicious cornbread scones which turned out to be a huge hit. My friend’s sister actually called me to tell me that when she saw the picture on my blog, it induced a huge pregnancy craving. She quickly made a batch using creamed corn (my recommended substitute for the baby food) and she could not stop raving about them.

With only a few jars of baby food left, I knew I had to come up with something special to use up my jars of peas. What better way to use pea puree than in a sweet pea risotto? I opted for one of my children’s favorite pasta’s, Israeli couscous, which cooks up in just minutes, for a quick and easy side dish.


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  1. Rivki Locker says:

    I made real risotto – with arborio rice – this week and although it was delicious it was SO much work. It was the first and last time I try that. This looks like a wonderful easy option. thanks for sharing.

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