Starters & Sides Made Easy Review & Giveaway

Written by chanie on November 28th, 2013

Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek know a thing or two about food. Leah is the author of Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking and co-founder of, and Victoria is the managing editor of Whisk Magazine. The pair are always surrounded by good food, so they decided to join forces and write a cookbook together. Passover Made Easy was their first collection of favorite triple-tested recipes, and now, the two have done it again. They have moved on to create a series of “Made Easy” cookbooks including Starters & Sides as well as Kids Cooking (review coming soon).

There’s something nice about a cookbook series. It’s familiar and you know what you’re gonna get. In the case of the “Made Easy” series, that’s great graphics, building block recipes, plating ideas and great kitchen tips. I especially love the friendly “conversations” that Leah & Victoria have throughout the book. They are set out in speech bubbles, making you feel as if you’re standing in the kitchen with two friends.

Starters & Sides Made Easy starts out with an elaborate spice guide to help guide you through the different herbs, spices and blends. It continues with building block recipes and chapters on vegetables, grains, meat & chicken, fish, dairy and sweet. The book finishes with ideas on how to convert some of the dishes from starters to mains. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautifully composed photo of the dish.

Some of the recipes I look forward to trying, include broccoli stuffed artichokes, sticky red potatoes, Yemenite yellow orzo rice, crispy beef, falafel cigars,  silan chicken salad, tangy tilapia nuggets, parmesan sticks, and whiskey sweet potatoes.

My only issue with this book is the size. I know it sounds weird but it sticks out of my cookbook shelf because it’s wider than most cookbooks.


Busy In Brooklyn is giving a copy of Starters & Sides Made Easy! To enter the giveaway, you must:

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2. Follow Busy In Brooklyn on Facebook, Twitter. Pinterest, and/or Instagram (one entry per media channel you follow – please specify which ones you follow in the comments).

Winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, December 4th, 8:00 PM.


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  1. chavie says:

    My favorite chanuka recipe is fro good old fashioned potato latkes straight out of the hot frying pan

  2. chavi glucksmanq says:


  3. Chaya Bukiet says:

    Fave Chanukah food is definitely latkes specifically unique flavored ones- this year I’m trying our Brussel sprout facon latkes!

  4. Leora says:

    My favorite chanuka recipe is sweet potato latkes!
    I follow you on facebook & pinterest!

  5. Aviva says:

    Jelly Donuts!!

  6. Aviva says:

    I follow you on twitter

  7. Aviva says:

    I follow you on pinterest

  8. Aviva says:

    I follow you on instagram

  9. Aviva says:

    I follow/like you on facebook

  10. Shayna says:

    Cream donuts!!

  11. Sarah says:

    Favorite chanuka dish is definitely sufganiot, although haven’t had them in years :-(

  12. Sarah says:

    Following on instagram

  13. Judith says:

    actually, our NEW household favourite is the fried coleslaw balls — I just used a bag of coleslaw and it worked beautifully! Note: you may need more flour than you expect, and really SQUEEZE those balls to help them keep their shape in the oil. Made them last night and am considering making again tonight for guests. Omitted cayenne. Following on FACEBOOK

  14. Hedy says:

    Can of wholeberry cranberries, 1 1/2 bags fresh cranberries, 1/4 c sugar, 1 orange broken up in segments and chopped in four to five pieces from each segment. Let come to boil until cranberries pop.taste.
    Add more sugar if too tart. Great in latkes and turkey or chicken. Enjoy and happy, happy all around!

  15. bracha says:

    potatoe latkes follow u on FB

  16. chaya says:

    following on fb & Pinterest.

  17. chaya says:

    homemade Latkes

  18. shoshana kleiman says:

    Latkes, followed by really cheesy lasagne.

  19. shoshana kleiman says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest. I hope I win the cookbook.

  20. Rachel rosin says:

    My favorite Chanukah food to make is a mix of sweet potato and regular potato latkes with some applesauce.i also follow you in Facebook.Frielichen Chanukah

  21. Fran says:

    My favorite Chanukah food is latkes of course! My house smelled sooo good last night!
    I follow Busy in Brooklyn on FB, Twitter and Pinterest.

  22. Sarah.A says:

    just made sweet potato latkes that is now my favorite chanukah dish. delicious! (instagram sarahlikesgreen)

  23. Have this cookbook and sticky red potatoes- great
    Yemenite yellow orzo rice is a keeper in my house and easy!
    Talapia nuggets tastes great when I made for for my Chabad house (chabad of orange county ny) Friday night but I promised never to do it again- paint in the neck.

  24. sarah says:

    Latkes! Followed on FB

  25. Musia Baumgarten says:

    My absolute favorite chanukah dish is my mother’s home made donuts. Mmmm

  26. esti w says:

    custard donuts!

  27. esti w says:

    i follow you on facebook

  28. esti w says:

    i follow you on twitter

  29. esti w says:

    i follow you on pinterest

  30. Frayda Brown says:

    My favorite Chanukah dish by far are lpotato latkes (using the shredding blade on the food processor) with applesauce

  31. Sharrone Glick says:

    I follow you on Facebook.
    Your olive oil Dutch chocolate cookies have become my favorite Chanukah treat this year :)

  32. Rachel says:

    My favorite dish for Chanukah is shakshukah, preferably made by Amazon Cafe, served with fresh foccacia and butter, and shared with my husband and kids. Those are my plans for Sunday Chaunkah brunch!

  33. Sarah W says:

    My favorite Chanukah dish is my homemade potato latkes with homemade whole cranberry sauce!

  34. Sarah W says:

    I follow you on Facebook

  35. Sarah W says:

    I follow you on Pinterest

  36. Tamar says:

    Nothing beats sufganiyot! Also your pumpkin crisp is yum, made it for supper and shabbos too. Follow on facebook

  37. molly says:

    Honestly, I like latkes! I made some sweet potato ones this year and they were so good with apple sauce!

  38. molly says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  39. molly says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  40. molly says:

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  41. molly says:

    I follow you on Instagram.

  42. AILUY REDEF says:

    My favorite Chanukah dish is eggplant latkas. I follow Busy In Brooklyn on Facebook.

  43. AILUY REDEF says:

    My favorite Chanukah dish is eggplant latkas. I follow Busy In Brooklyn on Twitter.

  44. AILUY REDEF says:

    My favorite Chanukah dish is eggplant latkas. I follow Busy In Brooklyn on Pinterest.

  45. AILUY REDEF says:

    My favorite Chanukah dish is eggplant latkas. I follow Busy In Brooklyn on Instagram.

  46. AILUY REDEF says:

    My favorite Chanukah dish is eggplant latkas.

  47. Deborah S says:

    Every year, my kids love to make donuts and look forward to my latkes.
    I follow you on facebook and pinterest

  48. Keshet Starr says:

    Sufganiyot! And I follow you on Instagram

  49. Esther says:

    Definitely latkes – tried and true.

  50. Esther says:

    I follow you on FB and Twitter

  51. Sara Biller says:

    I follow you on Facebook, plus I get your emails. I also follow you on Instagram

  52. Dova Weinberger says:

    I follow you on Facebook. My favorite Chanukah tradition/meal is funnel cakes. So easy and so good!

  53. Becca says:

    My favorite channukah food is sofganiot. My dad has been on the search for the perfect recipe since I can remember! Following on Facebook

  54. Cheesy Onion Rolls are totally on my list! yum!!!

  55. Ronnie Fein says:

    My favorite Chanuka recipe is roast goose. Book looks wonderful. I follow on Twitter.

  56. Deb says:

    Potato latkes!!!

  57. Deb says:

    Followed on instagram

  58. Deb says:

    Followed on Facebook

  59. Chanie says:

    I follow you on Facebook and your blog. My favorite chanukah recipe is chremzelach – cooked potato latkes.

  60. Eliana G says:

    I love latkes!

  61. Eliana G says:

    I like your page on facebook

  62. Sara Z. says:

    this is the only time of year when I don’t feel ridiculous eating sufganiyot and getting powdered sugar everywhere =)

  63. Itta says:

    Latkes! Follow on fb

  64. Tammy Greenberg says:

    Jelly donuts and latkes !

  65. Shaina says:

    I follow u on Facebook, this Chanukah, we had cheesy donuts!! With nutty chocolate

  66. Shani L. says:

    I follow you on facebook…my favorite chanukah food is def LATKES!!!

  67. Paula Friedman says:

    Potato latkes!

  68. Shoshana says:

    Latkes. Follow you in FB.

  69. Elissa says:

    My favorite BIB Chanukah recipe is the Pumpkin Ricotta pancakes! And I follow you on Facebook.

  70. Gitti says:

    Favorite Chanukah dish: dh’s potato latkes. I am a BIB Facebook fan :)

  71. sarah says:

    Favorite recipe is pumpkin crisp!! i follow you on facebook:)

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