Instant Cuppa Soup (and it’s not Ramen!)

Written by chanie on January 27th, 2011

It’s a SNOW DAY here in New York! Thankfully, I had this post prepared in advance. There’s not much time to chat today because I have everyone at home and my hands are full! Here are a coupla pics of our Brooklyn block under a blanket of snow. My husband can be craftsy too, check out his adorable snowman!

I can’t think of anything better on a cold winter day than cozying up to a warm cup of soup. But the peeling, chopping and simmering for hours isn’t always so easy. That’s when Imagine Organic Creamy Soups come in handy. At first they got me with their “No-Chicken Broth”, which I use for everything from soups and rice to mashed potatoes. Then, in one of my craving-for-butternut-squash stages (hey, I was pregnant at the time!), I nabbed a box of the creamy butternut squash soup off the shelf. The stuff is exactly what it sounds like. Creamy, oh so creamy, butternut squash soup. It’s practically delicious straight out of the container at room temperature! But I like to spruce it up a bit with some warm spices. You can use your imagination, or just eat as-is, but either way, I strongly recommend it!

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