Cornbread Scones

Written by chanie on January 11th, 2012

I love challenging myself in the kitchen. My latest self-imposed contest is coming up with original ways to use up the leftover jars of baby food I have sitting in the pantry. My son has long since graduated to solids and I continued to turn a blind eye to jars of assorted fruit & veggie puree each time I opened the kitchen cabinet. This week, I decided enough was enough – time to get rid of the stuff. Jarred pears and applesauce are pretty simple, but corn casserole? What could I possibly sneak that into? And then it hit me. Cornbread! If you can add corn to it, surely you can add creamed corn. Instead of airy corn muffins, I decided to make a denser bread batter to turn into a sort of mini-scone. The results were just that; a dense scone-like cornbread that were perfectly child-size. My three year old popped three in her mouth right out of the oven. Pretty good sign, don’t you think?

Not to worry, if you don’t have leftover baby food, and the sound of corn casserole leaves you feeling nauseous, I’ve got you covered. Just use canned cream style corn instead!

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