Black Bean Brownies

Written by chanie on November 28th, 2011

Now before you gag, I want you to take a look at the picture above. Do those look like black beans to you? I didn’t think so. I had my reservations too, but they were quickly squashed after one bite of these. I’m not gonna say they were the best brownies I ever ate. Nor will I suggest that they have the same fudgy consistency as real brownies. But they are pretty good for a flourless cake made of beans. Give them a try. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Ruchie says:

    when u mix it all up, do the beans become mush or its still piecy?

  2. Ruchie says:

    great, thanks
    maybe ill treat myself for shabbos

  3. chanale says:

    sounds great, im gonna try these

  4. chanala says:

    Chanie – They look amazing!

  5. sara leah says:

    chanie – u have done the impossible! i am actually looking forward in starting this diet…because u took away all the excuses i always have starting a diet. Shopping List complete, menu befitting a kosher diet and all recipes included!
    Just one or two more days to finish this nash in the house and i’ll be shedding those pounds in no time!:)
    I dont know when u have the time.. but thanks for doing this!

    • chanie says:

      So glad to hear it Sara Leah! This makes all the hard work worthwhile (not gonna lie – this whole dieting menu planning was labor intensive! :) )

  6. i had been suggested this recipe before and immediately dismissed it. Black beans and brownies do not belong in the same phrase!

    BUT, now that I see it here again, i think i’ll cave in and give it a try. Though I doubt I’ll be the first to taste them.

    • chanie says:

      I have to agree with you sina. If I didn’t have to think about diet or fiber and I could eat whatever I wanted – I’d say go for regular brownies all the way. But if nutrition or diet is a factor for you, then these are a great substitute for the real thing!

  7. random– you don’t have an RSS subscription option, or am i just not seeing it?

  8. Laura says:

    I made black bean brownies before–and I added lekvar to make them lower fat and up the fiber! They were very good, so I am sure these brownies are delicious, too.

    I am leery, though of Splenda. I find that it makes things bitter. Did you make these with sugar or spenda, and do you detect an off taste from artificial sweeteners?

    • chanie says:

      I’ve used lekvar in baking in the past with great results. However, I can’t use it on this phase of my diet.

      As far as the splenda, there is no bitter taste at all, but I can detect that artificial sweetener taste, although it is mild. You can use agave if you prefer.

  9. Ruchie says:

    these were actually pretty good. they taste good out of the freezer.

  10. maj says:

    hi, how many servings does this make? just need it for myfitnesspal recipe. thanks!

  11. rachel says:

    I tried this recipe but I used coconut oil instead of canola. They turned out really good. I was very skeptical to try them but I am glad that I did. Thanks!

  12. Melissa B says:

    I was truly skeptical about these, but they looked so good I thought what’s the worst? I lose a few ingredients and some time? So I made them, substituting Stevia for Splenda, and Ghirardelli dark baking cocoa. They were SO GOOD!! My kids ate some, oblivious to the fact that they were eating beans. Muuaahahahah!!

    • chanie says:

      Thanks so much for sharing Melissa! I can’t tell you how many people have told me the same! It’s really crazy that brownies made from black beans could taste so good!

  13. Christine says:

    I didn’t think you could have chocolate chips on phase 1???

    • chanie says:

      Hi Christine, that’s why it’s optional. The recipe is not just for South Beach dieters, so I try to put in options for everyone!

  14. Margo says:

    I made these tonight desperate for something good as I’ve started phase one again on SB. I have to say that they weren’t the most horrible things I ever ate but I don’t know that I can say they were “good” either. I used Stevia. But I can’t imagine that would make a tremendous difference if you’re not using any real sugar. I imagine with real sugar these not only taste better but have better texture. But the only reason I would make these and not real brownies is because of the diet I’m on so I expect it to be good as a diet food. You know? It was a litle dry even though I took them out of the oven about five minutes before the recipe calls for. I can’t imagine as an experienced cook and baker that I did anything incorrectly as it’s a pretty simple recipe. Everything in the blender except the nuts. I will not be making this again nor do I think I will finish what’s left.

    • chanie says:

      I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like them Margo. If I wasn’t on South Beach, I don’t think I would either consider making brownies out of beans. They don’t taste nearly as good as real brownies, but they help fill my need for a little something sweet on the diet. I have a lot of readers who love them, but I totally hear where you’re coming from!

      • Margo says:

        Well I’m sure it’s not the recipe. Maybe it was the Stevia I used. It was awful. The fake sugar thing is difficult for me. I’m going to try them again. Maybe if I bake them for a shorter period. Mine were dry. Super dry. I’m
        An experienced cook/baker but not with alternative sweeteners. I’m pretty desperate for SWEEEET though! Lol.

        Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  15. Margo says:

    I may try freezing them as someone as suggested and try them cold….

  16. Jean says:

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I just made them and they are very good. A great way to get my chocolate fix. I did use equal amounts of truvia instead of sugar. The batter was really thin and that had me worried but they cooked up nicely. They are on the soft side and I love the fact that no flour is in this recipe. This one is a keeper for me. Thanks again.

  17. Jill says:

    I used garbanza beans in place of the black beans b/c they’re a milder tasting bean, and tripled the vanilla. I can’t even taste the beans at all.

  18. Dana A says:

    I have been making these black bean brownies for a couple of years, and I LOvE them. I know it adds a few more carbs, but I sprinkle a small handful of sugar free chocolate chips over the top when I pull the pan from the oven; they melt into a nice, spreadable “frosting”. I wrap them individually and freeze them in a baggie, and I have a little treat to have with my morning coffee anytime that the chocolate bug bites. Thank you for a great, easy recipe.

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