Banana Oat Muffins

Written by chanie on October 29th, 2012

There’s something about the stormy weather that just makes you want to stay inside and bake. So while my kids cozied up to warm mugs of hot cocoa, I decided to make use of my overripe bananas. It seems like every time I buy a bunch, they always seem to ripen faster than we can eat them. Usually, I just put them in the freezer to use for smoothies, but with Hurricane Sandy about to make an entrance, I just feel like nesting. And just in case any of my Brooklyn neighbors decide to brave the Frankenstorm for Halloween treats, I’ll have something to give them (although they’d probably rather some kit kats!)

Talking about storms, I have to be honest with you all. Lately, I’ve been cooking up some storms of my own. With the busy month of holidays behind us, I took a little break, but now I’m back to hosting big Shabbat meals again. I’ve been making lots of new delicious recipes, but I haven’t been able to find the time to photograph anything! Especially with Fridays getting shorter, and my menu’s growing more adventurous, it’s been difficult to document my foodie experiments. I still make an effort to post my weekly menu’s on my facebook page, and I’m happy to share recipes whenever I get a request. So if you don’t already follow BIB on facebook, feel free to join in on the fun.

In the meantime, stay safe and bake up a batch of these delicious muffins before your electricity goes out! The oats add a wonderful texture to the muffins and unlike most banana bread recipes, these are not too sweet, so they are perfect drizzled with some honey, alongside a cup of steaming hot coffee.

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  1. Miri says:

    Chanie, I had such a good time making recipes from your blog over tishrei! I never have time to experiment with crowds, and the ingredients are so much cheaper than here in Aussie.
    Please keep the posts coming! especially for the last remaining ones of us who dont have facebook :)!

  2. Yum! Those look so delicious. I know I’m going to have extra bananas because I bought so many in preparation for the hurricane. Now I know what to do with them :)

  3. Fashion-isha says:

    I so needed this recipe!! I have over ripe bananas sitting on my counter as I speak. So glad you didn’t get too much damage from the storm…we’re both further inland than a lot of others. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. esther says:

    These look yum. I’m going to try these. I’m just curious what kind of muffin tins are those? They look disposable?

  5. Victoria says:

    I actually bought bananas last week with the intention of making banana oatmeal type muffins for breakfast during the week (looking for something more than just cereal in the mad rush out the door first thing in the morning!) You couldn’t have posted this at a better time :) Can’t wait to try it out!!

  6. avigail says:

    great recipe already on my second batch thanks!

  7. Jessica says:

    i just started using white whole wheat flour. i really like it, though i’m still getting used to it. now i’ll have to try these muffins with some bananas that are hanging out in my freezer

  8. Hindy says:

    These look fantastic! I’ve been looking for a good hearty breakfast muffin recipe. This looks perfect.

  9. These sound great. I have a bunch of hungry teenagers staying here over next weekend so I am going to make these for them to have for breakfast on Shabbat.

  10. Rochie says:

    Made these the other night with a few changes- I used regular whole wheat flour, splenda and honey instead of the two sugars, and a bit less oil.
    Oh, and I threw some chocolate chips into a few of them :) Deliciousness.

  11. I love banana muffins! I like that you made these healthier with the white whole wheat flour, must try these next time I have overripe bananas!

  12. raizy says:

    So these muffins look divine! If love to bake them tomorrow in a parve version. What would u substitute the milk with?

  13. raizy says:

    Thanks for your quick response! I’ll definitely let you know how they turn out!

  14. raizy says:

    Wow! These yummy muffins just came out of the oven and they’re delicious! Thanks for another great recipe! Now I can eat my cake and not feel guilty about it!

  15. raizy says:

    These heavenly muffins came out of the oven yesterday and between myself and my 2 little girlies, they’re GONE! Now we can eat our cake and not feel guilty about it!

  16. shaina says:

    hi, these look so good and would love to make them, one question, can i use regular oats? should i crush them?

  17. rochel says:

    Chanie, I am making your Banana Oat Muffins for my Rosh Chodesh Society JLI class tonight, Art & Soul. They appreciate healthy! TY

  18. sharon says:

    can i use regular white flower with this recipe?

    can i use oatmeal oats (in the blue can)

    these look delish!!!

  19. RL says:

    can I use old fashioned oats?

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